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  • Very enjoyable

    By MSLA_Reads
    This is a very enjoyable read, but for the ending? Many new words to absorb.
  • PastPresentFuture

    By HRM1223
    Simply Beautiful.
  • Amazing read

    By LisaGG92
    Love this novel. Not at all what I expected. The hotel and the people that inhabit it become an entire universe.
  • Thank God for samples!

    By AGReko
    A pretentious and overly complex piece of garbage that I am glad I did not pay for. I could not even get through half of the sample without wanting to throw my iPad out the window, hoping to hit the author in the head.
  • Extraordinary

    By mohrag
    What a terrific book! Couldn’t put it down. So very different and so very satisfying. Relatively little violence. A lovely read.
  • Thoughtful and Complex

    By Emmet Aloysius
    This book is not as enjoyable and fun to read as The Rules of Civility, his first book, but it is a good read overall. It requires your strict attention, however, so do not buy if you are looking for a beach read: lots of foreign characters, plots, history, artifacts, philosophy, comedy, etc., and some things that are left unexplained. Towles is an intellectual so you will not get everything he says but his diversions and commentary are often enlightening. EAF III
  • The Gentleman from Moscow

    By BonnieDH
    The Gentleman from Moscow is simply a beautifully written novel. One that you will want to read over and over.
  • A richness of feeling that grows and mellows

    By waldhaus1
    Filled with many characters that come to life a bygone era it's evoked. The protagonist demonstrates the strength of character to live an emotionally Rich life in an oppressed world. Clever connections are made between events on a way to make all seem real. A rewarding read.
  • A Gentleman in Moscow

    By Mountain maggi
    I originally gave this book a 2 star!!! Midway through this read I wanted to throw this book out! Where was it going? Was there even a plot? But I was told it was worth finishing. And I am glad I did finish this book. I smiled & now want to watch the movie, "Casa Blanca"!
  • A Gentleman in Moscow

    By cannedarts
    I found it hard to get through the first half of the book and then it just flew by. Wish it had continued to the next decade. It reads like an old fashioned Russian novel that’s been slightly updated. Am pretty sure that was the intent of the author. Great characters beautifully fleashed out, and a terrific ending you don’t see coming...right up to the last line. If you like Amor Towles last book you’ll surely like this one, and if you haven’t read “Rules of Civility”, I recommend you should.