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  • Page turner

    By ShayBaby20045
    I loved this book. I couldn’t put it down because I couldn’t wait to find out what was going to happen next. Very well written too.
  • The Last Mrs.Parrish

    By ziasign
    Silly, silly, awful book. Don’t waste time & money on it.
  • Meh

    By Ns1844
    The characters were so flat and unrealistic, not worth buying
  • 5 stars!

    By WrzCole
    Everything I search for in a good book!
  • Outstanding

    By Sidwell's Show
    Plot twist galore. Didn’t see it coming. Heroine draws you in and you become so proud of her. Very well done.
  • Predictable “Behind Mansion Walls” story

    By Amigo73
    A jealous con artist wants a piece of the pie only to end up with egg on her face in a rather unoriginal story of greed and domestic violence. In places the plot got very bogged down in example after example of abuse. Other times the judgement of the have-not of the haves just got trite and boring. I had to do a great deal of skimming.
  • How many books can tell the same story?

    By DD999
    Why does every book today have the same theme? The insanely rich, handsome and successful entrepreneur who, underneath it all, is a raging narcissist. Fifty Shades, Behind Closed Doors, and now this? There have to be authors out there that can come up other substance for fiction. This book was from start to finish, entirely predictable. Save your money, and skip this read. Also find it disappointing that this was a Reece Witherspoon pick. Guess I won’t be holding her opinion on books in high regard anymore. Lame...
  • No comparison to Gone Girl

    By Belliemay
    Not sure which reviewer compared this sophomorically written book to Gone Girl but this is a far cry...The characters are just not interesting or believable. I gave it two stars because I had to finish it to make sure of the comeuppance. You be the judge. My money has already been spent.
  • Great book

    By Momima99
    This was a great book that I didn’t want to stop reading.
  • Good, but not great

    By Verbose Boss
    The plot is decent, but the prose suffers. At first, I almost put the book down because it seemed so choppy and elementary. But, I pushed through as the circumstances peaked my interest, and I suppose I just got used to the authors' word rythyms. Then, I had to finish to see how everything turned out, and I have to say I did not feel cheated!