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  • This is Me

    By Clients end
    Amazing book!
  • This is me

    By aunt soup
    This a lovely book, written from a place of sincerity. Ms. Metz has had some serious struggles in her your life and has decided to approach them with grace and maturity. Her life lessons depicted in this book will help any individual on the road to actualization. Ms Metz uses the law of karma , for most of life issues. She also use her brilliant sense of humor to bring the reader in, and let them know, humor can carry us in life when it seems-nothing else will.
  • Beautiful

    By apasak
    This was so beautifully written! It made me laugh and cry and reevaluate my “why”. Thank you Chrissy for sharing your story and encouraging all of us to get up everyday and pursue an authentic joyful grateful journey.
  • Chrissy Metz • This Is Me

    By AnnaChiasson
    Raw. Real. Weight is always a factor in life. I have always known that. I must admit that I have never handled it the way Chrissy has...I still have a lot to learn. I think I will start by re-reading this! Thank you Chrissy for helping and for sharing. You are so remarkable!! My very best to you-always!! I love ‘This Is Us’ and cannot get enough of it!! Keep it coming!! Congratulations!! ❤️ Anna Chiasson Thomas Marrero, LA
  • This is me loving This is me!

    By appARTunity
    Sooo good!!! Thank you Chrissy for sharing your hilarious personality and life lessons.
  • Read It Now...and Again

    By Deire
    This is the only book where I’ve though, “I need to re-read this on a regular basis.” I got to the end feeling like we’d just had a wonderful long lunch chat.
  • This is ALL of us!

    By LBT_Ashley
    Chrissy Metz is an amazing woman with an amazing story! This is a MUST READ!