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  • Great Action Adventure for the Heart

    By ilovethis book
    Love happily ever after when the good guys prevail🦄🎉🌈
  • Excellent

    By Dusty_17
    Must read. One of his best.
  • The Fallen

    By Waldoni
    Amos Decker's much anticipated return did not disappoint. I simply could not put it down. His plots and many fascinating characters along with the many twists and turns kept my attention throughout the book. He continues to flesh out Decker and his partner, Alex Jamison, but leaves us wanting more. While I'm sure Mr. Baldacchi is very busy, I hope he does not make his fans wait too long for the next installment of this amazing series.
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  • Excellent

    By Healthy_52
    I’m a huge Fan of Baldacci’s work so it comes as no surprise his latest book is riveting from start to finish. Great engaging read.
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    By vgvxxuzk
  • Fallen

    By Joey Sica
    Very good well written and educational. An easy read.
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    By JB 47#
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  • Favorite Amos Decker book to date

    By Baldacci Fan for Life
    This is a really good book in the Amos Decker series. My favorite so far. It shows a side of Amos that I was anxiously waiting to read. The true drug issues going on in our society today, where detailed and true. I am glad I binged this book today. What a fantastic tale.
  • Excited!

    By Gutz97
    I am very confused as to why this book is not labeled as book 4 in the Memory Man series. I am pretty sure this is the fourth book; I hope I am not wrong. But I must say I have read the other three Amos Decker novels and I am completely obsessed with them. I recommend this series highly! Baldacci puts so much detail into his writing, it truly makes for a perfect crime/mystery series. I love all the little details Baldacci is able to create, and how they all add together to produce such a well-written/intriguing page-turning series. Needless to say... I cannot wait to get my hands on the paperback version of this novel !