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  • Thrilling and Beguiling

    By asapr212
    I greatly enjoyed this book and its look back at Cotton Malone and at Dr. King’s struggle and legacy. Creative, respectful and with some excellent twists and turns.
  • Excellent....

    By Samnite100
    Great Read...
  • The Bishop’s Pawn

    By alalawyer
    I have been an admirer of Mr. Berry’s work for a long time. This is one of his best. It captured my attention and I couldn’t put it down. Great use of Cotton Malone one of my favorite heroes!
  • Good use of history

    By BvrClvr
    The author uses history well to weave a tale of FBI corruption in the mid 1960’s as it pertains to the civil rights movement. The use of a first person narrative makes the tale read like a cheap piece of pulp fiction somewhat like a 1950’s detective B movie. The author admits it is his first use of the first person narrative, so he deserves credit for that. My opinion is he should stay away from it. I also didn’t need the one sided political philosophy opinion at the end. I can get that any night on cable news. I don’t need it when reading fiction. A decent read, however.