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  • Amazing

    By Miss viper
    I loved the switching of perspective and I really thought it enhanced the story. The problems of the characters were real and the characters were compelling but flawed just enough to make them human and relatable. The world needs to know of this tragedy and the number of souls that it took from this world. They also need to know about selfishness of some and what at selfishness caused them. (Spoilers read on at your own risk) The one thing I thought could have been better was Emilia's last chapter after we can come to the conclusion that she has died. In the chapter she speaks about her daughter (about 5-6 at the time) Halinka and other family members or friends that have died or she has been separated from. You can interpret it that Emilia is dead and this is her Heaven or she is on the verge of death and is dreaming/hallucinating it all. Other than that I give this a ten out of ten for its compelling characters and interesting plot. I thought it was wonderfully written and the changing of perspective and how different all of the character traits were was refreshing. It brought a new modern light on a old tragedy the world has forgotten and left behind in its past.
  • Amazing😱

    By fjctjnik
    This needs to made into a movie!!!!!
  • brilliant

    By mockinjay4
    this book was so amazing
  • Salt to the Sea

    By Barb1927
    An outstanding book; every page held my interest. So well written.
  • Gorgeous and Heartbreaking

    By Sansteph234852189
    An emotional and suspenseful read. The author's words reach out and grip the reader's heart, not letting go until the very end.
  • Beautifully written

    By iluvlorax
    Read it in one night, beautifully written. Like many other readers had never heard of this nautical disaster till I read the book. Appreciated how much research Sepetys put into the novel. Left me searching for more details about Gustloff, Prussia and the Baltics during WWII. Highly recommend it.
  • Excellent Book

    By Nicolle1971
    Must read in my book. A perfect mix of fiction and history. I appreciate the authors closing facts and documentation concerning this tragedy. I would highly recommend.
  • Love the perspective but ending was a little shaky

    By Aka bug
    Having four people talk in this book was very different at first but once you know everyone's background, it's quite easy to follow. This also shows many different sides of war. The details this story unfolds about the war is remarkable and provides so much insight as to what really happened. I have to say though I did not like the ending as how it was abrupt. Other than that I loved the book and its history. I also loved how since four people were telling the story the chapters are very short. Usually only 1-2 pages which keeps you reading. I would definitely recommend this to anyone.
  • Amazing read

    By katiepitzman
    Heartbreakingly captivating. It's base in history and fact makes it a book to remember.
  • My favorite book!

    By Brittany _sos_
    Honestly this book is better then the fault in our stars 😍 and I love that book soooo much I read 30 last year and this one is the best #booknerd 🤓