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  • Aurther

    By Debbie Phillips
    This book is the best omg!!! I love it
  • Forty Eight Hours To Die

    By Candy Blonde
    The story had way too many typical errors and used the detectives name to distraction but as a whole the story was alright!
  • 48 Hours to die

    By gramkr
    Terrible grammar and punctuation. Ending never addressed what happened to Tasha's mother.
  • 48 hours to die

    By Afaireslady
    Riveting -good from beginning to end

    By Purr65
    Excellent...Fast pace...Exciting....Edgy...,,Amazing. May I say more!!! Highly recommend this Book. Brilliantly written. You won’t be disappointed ✨🌟⭐️✨💫
  • 48 hours to die

    By Keller reader
    Throughout the book, there were run on sentences, bad punctuation and grammatical errors. There were even words used in the wrong form (there instead of their, women instead of woman, etc). The author used the character's full name through the entire book, even in back to back sentences. Without all the errors I kept finding and focusing on, his could have been a good story.
  • I could write a better book

    By Súbuelo
    The author uses "Anthony Stone" way too much. The conversation with his girlfriend, Tasha, always end in "baby," can't come up with something more original? The punctuation in this book is horrible! Thank god it was free.
  • Nope.

    By LoveDelle
    Agreeing with many other reviewers. Poorly written. Doesn't seem to have been edited at all. And it's incredibly annoying to read "Anthony Stone" over and over again. It's a shame because it has potential to be a good book. I really couldn't finish it.
  • 48 Hours to Die

    By tfd critic
    This book was so bad, I had to write a review. I am disappointed i can't rate it less than one star. If it was free, it was still not worth the price. The shallow characters had the most inane and ridiculous dialogue. Totally unbelievable. The lack of editing pushed it even further over the edge into pure garbage. Total waste of time, money, and space.
  • 48 Hours to Die

    By Cldema1218
    This book didn't seem to have been edited at all. There are multiple grammatical and spelling errors. The over abundance and misplacement of commas is distracting and, quite frankly, annoying. Another annoyance is the overuse of the main character's full name. Once initially introduced to Anthony Stone, the use of the character's first name only would have been sufficient. The storyline is okay if not a little pedestrian. However, the Lisa character's arc seems unbelievable and unnecessary other than to provide a weak link to the murders. The story seem to resolve too quickly and easily, with no intricate twists and turns to make the story more engaging. Overall, I would not recommend unless you enjoy reading what amounts to a middle school student's writing assignment.